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The Goal of "Kandi Komrades Biz Influencers" is to galvanize hundreds of entrepreneurs from The Breakfast With The Boss Tour, Workshops, Social Media, Live streams and KCbizBoss Branding clients into one common location. This will grow our exposure, social media numbers, client base and Periscope. 

"Please click here to RSVP for Kandi Komrades Networking Call on August 27, 2016 at 8:45 a.m. CST. You will receive a Confirmation email."



To Join Kandi Komrades email Kandi at

Include all hashtags, website information, phone numbers and a description of what you do. FREE TRAILBLAZER MEMBERSHIP until November 31, 2016

We also have PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS starting at $8.00 a month and $14.00 monthly.

For Gamechanger Annual Membership $49.00

For Aristocrat Annual Membership is $79.00

For Gamechanger

Lifetime Membership $157.00 

For Aristocrat Lifetime Membership is $237.00 

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